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Camille R. Wallace, The Culture Queen, is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Global Perspective Culture Company. Camille holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development and Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies.

With over 10 years experience, Camille combines training, experience, and extensive people development skills to transform professionals into the best versions of themselves.

Camille is certified as a Leadership Coach through Harvard University, a certified DEI practitioner through Cornell University, and a skilled facilitator and organizational development consultant- passionate about helping people and organizations develop in a meaningful way that reveals their full potential.

Her complex roles in corporate diversity, higher education, and professional and organization development, provide support in the areas of executive leadership, talent development, employee experience, career development and coaching.

“Company Culture is the fragrance of the organization. The intangible yet detectable aura that either attracts or repels talent.”

Camille R. Wallace

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