The Skyline Club is a diversity pipeline program, designed and deployed by Global Perspective Culture Company, providing structured experiences for students from African-American middle school and high school students and undergraduate programs that spark interest in pursuing STEM careers, especially aviation.

Through classroom engagement, field trips, monthly lunch and learns, one on one coaching, and an intensive summer institute, certified instructors teach lessons and lead activities designed to increase students’ knowledge and interest in diverse careers.

Willa Beatrice Brown
(January 22, 1906 – July 18, 1992)

An American aviator, lobbyist, teacher, and civil rights activist, from the Hoosier state. She was the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license in the United States, the first African American woman to run for the United States Congress, first African American officer in the Civil Air Patrol, and first woman in the U.S. to have both a pilot’s license and an aircraft mechanic’s license

Meet Gavin

What does the success of future generations look like? That may seem like an odd question… but once you meet Gavin, a member the Skyline Club, the answer to the question is pretty simple. In fact, follow Gavin around for a few days and you will not only discover how bright our future is, but the boundless opportunities and amazing leadership capacity we can look forward to!

Gavin participates in the Skyline Club. Each month Gavin has exposure to various career exposure, mentorship, and personal coaching to ensure he is connected with the industries, much like yours, that are committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. By the time Gavin graduates high school, he expects to have his drone operating certification and explore a career in aviation.

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