“Camille is the total package – poised, articulate, smart, and clearly passionate about coaching people to reach their full potential.”

Joy Sybesma, SVP People Ops @ Kargo

“You rock!! Thank you so much for speaking today! I really knew you’d be terrific and wanted you to know the group had so many inspired comments about things they took away from your session. A special thanks again for your help and support of this whole project. I truly appreciate how generous you are … Continue reading Peg Hill, Healthcare Recruiter

Peg Hill, Healthcare Recruiter

“Camille is a very warm person who is a genuine listener. Showing that she cares not only with her words but with her actions.”

Scott Beavers, Beavers Inc.

“Camille stands out with her energy and presence but mostly her willingness to help and share her knowledge and experience. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Camille will be blessed with her honesty and dedication in everything she does!”

Camilla Schwab, Sales Manager @ VidaVacations

“Camille has that incredible talent to dance the delicate line between strongly effective and deeply respectful.  Her concise clear delivery is understandable to all levels of employees.”

Meghan Scranton Wilson, Scranton Motors, Inc.

“Loved the session yesterday, Camille. Thank you for what you do. You’re not only good at it but you bring out the good in others!”

Anonymous Participant Feedback

I am totally bowled over by your ability to adjust and ask great questions. I wish I could run a meeting calmly and productively like you can! You are fantastic!

Anonymous Participant Feedback

Camille does a fantastic job of engaging the audience and getting them to contribute to the discussion.

Anonymous Participant Feedback

Camille, Watching you was like seeing poetry in action – you know how anticipate what’s coming, but the actual performance is so much better than the vision.

Ella L. Ingram | Associate Dean for Professional Development @ RHIT

We were all stunned into silence while processing the power behind your words and your delivery.  Personally, I felt like someone had just taken me to church—and I say that not in a religious she-just-preached-at-me kind of way—but more like the way a message can reach down and tickle that deep, ultra-buried recessed portion of … Continue reading Shannon Tieken @ RHIT

Shannon Tieken @ RHIT

Today the organization I work for acknowledged the Juneteenth holiday by committing time to listen, observe, and learn. I have a number of takeaways to reflect on, but I want to share one with you now. I’m paraphrasing my dear friend, Camille Wallace. *Diversity is being invited to the dance. Inclusion is being asked to … Continue reading Elizabeth Morehouse, Director of Educational Strategy at Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity

Elizabeth Morehouse, Director of Educational Strategy at Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity

THANK YOU! Despite our tech challenges, our staff members all had such positive feedback and are craving part 2!! I took a lot of notes from my debrief that I will also share with you, but you struck some chords and got the dialogue OPENED. Cannot wait to see what else we can do together!

Lindsay Jarmon, Managing director at Alpha Gamma Delta International Fraternity

You brought the Power!

Valerie Craig, Assistant Director Indiana State University CEB African American Cultural Center

I have frequently relied on Camille for professional guidance, both in my past role of Interim Dean of the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services at Indiana State University and in my current role as the CEO of the YMCAs of the Monroe County. In both settings she educated and inspired our teams to … Continue reading Dr. Jason Winkle, CEO Monroe County YMCA

Dr. Jason Winkle, CEO Monroe County YMCA

Ms. Wallace is a professional with a wealth of experience in helping business, industry, and education assess and create a healthy culture of inclusive workplace practices. She has the relevant experiences that have made her the dynamic motivator that she is today.

Dr. Deborah Curtis, President of Indiana State University

The Culture Company makes it a priority to provide strategies and solutions for building world class and inclusive workplace cultures… Ms. Wallace excels in providing leadership development training, program design, and facilitation to increase staff retention and engagement between employees… I have seen firsthand her hard work and dedication to community, education, and career…

Jon Ford, Indiana State Senator

Camille has played a pivotal role in the Union Health leadership development program. She is a very engaging speaker and always receives excellent feedback. Having observed her presentations, I can share that I am always surprised at how much our staff opens up and share with Camille. She is very highly skilled in connecting with … Continue reading Jack Hill, COO and Vice President Union Health

Jack Hill, COO and Vice President Union Health

It is because of Camille that we can be confident that businesses have developed a culture that is welcoming and inclusive for all employees.

Rachel Leslie, CEO RJL Solutions