Why Company Culture Matters

Camille R. Wallace

Toxic Cultures Are Killing Business

Company Culture refers to the ways people within the company engage and work together. Culture is an expression of the shared beliefs, values, attitudes, standards and behaviors the company deems acceptable. The company culture is the character, the unique personality and reputation, specific to their organization.  Company culture is simply “how we do things around here.”

Moreover, company culture is the foundation for company success and is directly impacts your company’s bottom line. From the rooter to the tooter, culture influences the entire life cycle of the employee. Culture impacts nearly every            aspect of the company, from attracting top talent to employee engagement and performance. Let’s be clear, higher engagement translates to higher productivity.

Around the globe, Gallup data indicates that only 15% of full-time working adults report being truly engaged at work. Meaning, only 15% of employees are showing up highly motivated and energetic about moving the company forward. Only 15%.

Now, wrap your mind around the 85% of employees that report they are not fully engaged. The employees that report not contributing fully to the greater good of the organization- putting in the time, but not with the energy or extra effort.

Even more so, 18% of employees are actively disengaged. Meaning, they are intentionally undermining and sabotaging the success of the company. Consider how this lack of engagement is wreaking havoc with companies and killing   company productivity and potential.

Gallup research indicates that only 15% of full time working adults report  being truly engaged at work.

Leaders must recognize the significance culture makes and the benefits of intentionally creating and supportive  environment for employees, as they are your company’s greatest asset. Without question, a strong, aligned, positive culture can call employees to higher levels of performance. Companies win.

Likewise, a dysfunctional company culture can deflate even your highest performers and will destroy your organization. Culture that is riddled with inauthentic and untrustworthy leadership, meaningless work, and lack accountability is toxic to performance-and will ultimately kill your company. Toxic cultures kill creativity, kill innovation, impact absenteeism, and breed low productivity and lost opportunities. Companies lose.

Luckily, the recipe for creating a desirable workplace culture is not complex, your just need the right ingredients.

For more essential ingredients and to learn how to transform your workplace, pick up your copy of “The Special Sauce: The Recipe for Creating a Desirable Company Culture.” Coming Fall 2021

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